The Next Chapter in Results-Driven, Paperless Workflows
for Colleges and Universities

Edular is our module-based solution to skyrocket results in Admissions, Financial Aid, and Student Services workflows.

Colleges and universities all across the country are leveraging Edular’s technologies to streamline their process and become paperless.

Choose the modules you need, save money, and get more results.

Ways to Access Edular

Edular General App

The fastest, easiest way to start using and enjoying Edular.

Custom-Branded App

Same powerful features, custom presentation with your own branding.

Embedded Solution

Already have a platform? Embed Edular in it and make the most of its features.

Access from Any Browser

The full-featured, install-free option for greater convenience and productivity.

Modules: Unleashing Edular's Potential

You can choose the modules you need on your Edular setup before and after its implementation, To maximize the value and convenience of managing your institution.

Attendance Module

Edular’s attendance tracking feature brings 21st-century technology to the 21st-century learning environment, whether it is on-premises or online via remote learning. Edular checks every box by automating the “who, where, & when” of attendance with an efficient high-tech solution.

Admissions Module

Applying for your Institution becomes simple. Prospects can apply from their mobile device and complete the entire process digitally. Your Admissions Department is more efficient by utilizing automated communication processes, requesting next-steps, gathering documents and viewing real-time progress data on intuitive dashboards.

Financial Aid Module

Financial Aid (FA) is complex, time-consuming, and requires consistent standardized document collection. Edular simplifies the process. 

Edular’s Financial Aid solution provides an easy-to-understand, human-friendly process, every step of the way. Unique to Edular, students have constant visibility of where they are in the process; what they need to do; when they need to provide documentation; and if there is a status change. It allows students to review and establish their financial plans for college.

Grades & Calendar Module

Edular created digital record cards that are a 21st century electronic way for practical assignments to be marked & graded. It removes the need for traditional paper-based record-keeping, eliminates the potential for human error, and avoids time-consuming grade documentation.

The unique calendar feature delivers transparency of exam dates, course times and days, task due dates, and other important dates directly to students’ mobile calendars. It provides staff visibility on student completion, participation, and daily attendance data.

Communication Module

Edular is a platform with two-way messaging, automatic notifications, documents, and task completion.

Use your existing PDF forms within Edular and throw away the printer! Once in Edular traditional PDF forms become Digital Documents making them available for completion from a web browser or directly from the Edular mobile app. Unlike other services, Edular’s Digital Documents and Tasks allow access to database information to be pre-populated on PDF forms. Users can fill compulsory fields, add pictures, scan documents, and digital signatures.

See Edular Solutions in Action

This is the year for your college staff to go paperless. By streamlining processes on the cloud and making the most of our custom-tailored apps, your team and students will both experience how the future of educational institutions looks.

But don’t believe us, see it for yourself.