Tools for Your College Staff to Go Paperless, Remote, and Productive

KlassApps solutions are transforming how colleges and universities all across the US currently operate.

We give them the tools to ditch paper and streamline Admissions, Financial Aid, and Student Services processes while connecting with students right through our apps.

No more paper, having all documents digitally organized, signed and secured​

Secure, efficient, remote work through our cloud-based apps available on desktop and mobile

No software to install, expensive hardware required, or paying for features you don't need

Enrollment rates up and dropout rates down with automated student-focused features

Your Staff and Students On the Same Page

Edular and KlassApp, our cloud-based apps, connect your staff and students in a novel, efficient way. Now, your staff can request and manage documents while the students can submit and sign them digitally through the app.


No more unnecessary in-person meetings between your team and students. All documents will be routed and stored in an effective, secure fashion. In the meanwhile, students can check their application status on real-time or pay for their tuition fees with the mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

Meet KlassApp

KlassApp has been the go-to technology for colleges and universities that want to get rid of paper, efficiently manage tasks, and enable remote work through cloud-based apps.

Thanks to KlassApp, our team was able to change how staff and students saw admission and financial aid applications, attendance control, documentation, student services, and tuition payments.

This full-featured, custom-branded solution is synonymous with paperless, productive workflows.

Meet Edular

Edular is our brand-new modular solution for colleges and universities that prefer a custom platform that satisfies all their needs.

It has become the natural evolution of our philosophy, enabling us to create a superior experience for both staff and students.

The key word here is “modular”. Colleges and Universities are able to easily choose the modules they want to be included in their apps, reducing costs and maximizing productivity.

Colleges and Universities that Trust in KlassApps

Seamless Integration,
More Results

Klass App and Edular will instantly sync with your Student Information System (SIS) to keep data always up-to-date and secure. But our integrations go way beyond.

See KlassApps Solutions in Action

Our products are transforming the way colleges operate. With KlassApp and Edular, our clients are seeing extraordinary student success.

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